1. ive cried at least once every day since i read all of one piece so i figured id make a very indulgent print for atomic lollipop and otakuthon (and possible storenvy soon!) 

  2. a commission for a dear friend of mine; thank you for your endless patience!!

  3. palette 1 and zoro for glitchyb ;^)

  4. a commission for Julia on fr ! it’s been like two months since ive drawn a dragon let alone paint it so im a bit rusty cries


  5. artricahearts said: Killua + palette 8!


    she asked for him in a dress on twitter and then idk why i thought of 

    What a beautiful wedding!” says a bridesmaid to a waiter,
    "And, yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a —”

  6. haha i started one piece for the first time ever and caught up in a week and a day 

  7. Whoops this is sort of really overdue but I just!! Wanted to cry a huge thank you to everyone that I got to talk to and meet and laugh with last weekend!!! It was probably the best weekend of my whole life and I know for a fact that I’ll definitely be holding so many memories from those few days close to me always! 

    I was so nervous about everything (especially the print trades oh my god I don’t think I’ve shaken that much before ever LOL) but my absolutely wonderful momma /tablemate made everything perfect and I’m not ashamed to say I was fullbody shaking sobbing when we had to part ways hhah .. ah……….. 

    I’ll treasure everyone that I got to meet and thank you all for all of the support, it really does mean soso much to me!! Oh and I’ll definitely set something up for leftover prints/an online shop for all of those who were interested wah;;

  8. Already Flying

    11x17” final print for Anime North !

  9. sighs wistfully i kinda want them to go out and explore hakone after the interhigh is done

    11x17” for Anime North!


  10. marissa-fa said: Will there be any way to get your Kill la Kill print if we're unable to attend Anime North? I really need that print, it's so damn cute ; u;

    Hello!! I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner but um!! I was thinking that if I had leftovers for anything I would just make a post on tumblr/dA/twitter and be able to take orders for anyone who couldn’t get one from the merch I still had… And then mail it out ? I’m not sure if there would be a few dollars worth of shipping fees added though ahhh—

    But in the low chance that I actually do run out I?? Could probably maybe set up an online shop or something!! 

    Thank you so much for your interest it really means a lot to me! ;__;!! 

    —- And also I wanted to quietly thank you all for the response on my klk print!! I wasn’t expecting that at all and it’s made me very very happy these past few days weeps qMq!!!!