1. Final layouts/painting of second year!!! Considering I only had really three days to work on these, I had fun with it! Just please don’t ask me to draw anything western for like a month

    All the layouts are broken into layers and you can watch them on my instagram if you want ! http://instagram.com/kystikata

  2. tiny pudding kitten of my heart….…  ..

  3. muffled drowning noise s


  4. I forgot we had to compile them on two pages for hand in so there are some slight differences in the. t. ree. branches. 

    laughs up into the sky i cant believe i actually handed this in as my character final

  5. Layout this semester has turned into a I didn’t really know what to think of westerns before but now let me just sleep please class

  6. In life drawing this one week we had to do an exercise where we either put two scapulas/arms on one larger ribcage or just two ribcages on one spine????? and I completely lost it throughout the whole class I thought it was hilarious and so obviously made a dumb loser named Hector who just wants to Be Normal and then made a story for him and Cend so

  7. Sssorta old char assignment hah a— it was funnier when I handed in the roughs on valentine’s day 

    whispers it was supposed to be a demon dating game theme laughs

  8. lickleorio:

    I drew Leorio and Killua and sent this to my really cool friend like “NOW YOU DRAW THE OTHER HALF,” and it was by far the best decision I made today. This was a lot of fun! 

    We coloured opposite halves from what we drew. c: 

    If anyone was wondering what I do with my rare spare time between school work HAHAHAHH…………

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  9. Anime North 2014

    SORRY I didn’t post this until now — but me and waistcoatstories are tabelling this year at Anime North!! Wiggles in excitement I’ll make another post when we get more info about table numbers and stuff buT YEAH HEe I hope I get to see a lot of people again this year!!


  10. Anonymous asked: Y U SO CUTE?

    you must be looking in a mirror because the only cute thing here is yoU B^D

    but omg bursts into tears an d turns brigHT RED IM??? THANK YOU WHo are you squiNTS