1. Watchful Eyes

    I realized that I’ve never?? Made a print for how to train your dragon or drawn any fanart e ver so I fixed that haha

    11x17” print for Otakuthon! Come say hi, I’ll be at table D356 in the artist alley!

    (Source: katarya.deviantart.com)

  2. Ahhhh here’s my preview for the Pedal Palette Zine that I’ve had the  opportunity to participate in !!!  I’m seriously so stoked about this, thank you to May and Kam for organizing everything! 

    Tumblr (with more info!!); http://pedalpalette.tumblr.com/

    Storenvy; http://pedalpalette.storenvy.com/products/8979195-pedal-palette-art-book

    Please support everyone and their hard work!!!

  3. pedalpalette:


    (Cover is unofficial!)

    Fan zine of illustrations compiled by a group of artists for the manga/anime series Yowamushi Pedal.

    Our theme was Palettes, inspired by the limited color palette challenge circulating tumblr and twitter. Each piece of artwork features a different palette.

    Artists include: Brett, Ems, Jotaku, Jou, KΛM, Kata, Kel, May, Med, Miko, Moaniez, SAKU, Shiie, and Tai.

    * Contains NO spoilers!!

    Winners will receive:

    - 1 fanzine

    - 1 purikura sticker sheet, drawn by KΛM.

    - 1 sticker sheet featuring 6 images from the series, drawn by Brett, KΛM, Kel, Moaniez, SAKU, and Shiie.


    Likes DO NOT count.

    Reblog as many times as you’d like.

    Must reblog this entire text.

    NO giveaway blogs.

    ENDS AUGUST 31st, 2014 @ 11:59 PM PST

    If you are a winner and pre-ordered, we will not issue refunds. Instead, you will get this additional set!

    We will ship anywhere in the world!

    Winners picked via random # generator.

    Rules subject to change at any time.

    To purchase, please follow this link: http://pedalpalette.storenvy.com/products/8979195-pedal-palette-art-book

    Hey guys!!! I had the greatest opportunity to be able to participate in this (my first zine ever!!!!!) and I had a whole ton of fun making my pages *__*;;; If you can, please check it out!! Everyone worked really hard on their pages and it’s definitely 100% worth buying!

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  4. ive been trying to do some of the one piece 60 minute prompts on twitter and decided that looking for refs that made me cry was nothing (ha  ha ah)

    prompts were marines: admiral & vice admiral, party and logia devil fruit users hHAhha


  5. chocolate-owl-keanu said: Hey Kata! yes about the one piece thing, how did you finish it so fast?

    omg ill just respond to this publically because basically all the tags in the reblogs were asking how i did it—

    but hELLO!! um LOL I MEANt reading?? it! i should have been clearer even tho i mentioned it in the tags o|-< im only on episode 4 of the anime! and er i basically read 100 chapters a da y, „ ,???? I GOT REALly really invested really really fast and everything flowed so well and i just kept getting caught up because it was literally fast paced action and plot and i loved it… 

  6. ive cried at least once every day since i read all of one piece so i figured id make a very indulgent print for atomic lollipop and otakuthon (and possible storenvy soon!) 

  7. a commission for a dear friend of mine; thank you for your endless patience!!

  8. palette 1 and zoro for glitchyb ;^)

  9. a commission for Julia on fr ! it’s been like two months since ive drawn a dragon let alone paint it so im a bit rusty cries


  10. artricahearts said: Killua + palette 8!


    she asked for him in a dress on twitter and then idk why i thought of 

    What a beautiful wedding!” says a bridesmaid to a waiter,
    "And, yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a —”